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long beach construction injury lawyers

Since the late 1970s, the Long Beach California construction injury attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have worked diligently to help construction workers who have been injured or hurt get the maximum compensation that are legally due. We have seen the full range of possible injuries from lacerations and amputation to welding injuries and punch press accidents. We strive to continue being the best Long Beach construction accident lawyers and we are fully prepared to fight for you so you can focus on healing properly. Our winning reputation throughout Long Beach as top construction accident attorneys speaks for itself: We are successful and experienced construction accident lawyers who will work tirelessly for their clients.

how to file a construction lawsuit claim

If you or your family have questions or concerns as to how to properly file a construction lawsuit claim or how to file a workers’ compensation claim for a construction accident injury, call our Long Beach workers’ compensation lawyers today at (562) 372-3960. Regardless of your intention to file on your own or use one of our experienced lawyers, we would be happy to discuss your injury and your claim during a free consultation:

  • Your options for how you may be able to do-it-yourself.
  • The many costs and financial commitment that is needed for litigation and going to trial and how our injury law firm can help you with that unfortunate aspect of the legal process.
  • How our firm can make your case simple, efficient and successful.
  • Answers to questions you may have about how we can help you navigate the legal system during this difficult time.
  • What is involved in filing the legal claim(s) for your workers’ comp and/or third party personal injury.
  • Potential litigation issues including: pleadings, investigation, legal evidentiary standards of proof and legal requirements, lay and expert witness depositions, written discovery, law and motion, types of causes of action, potential special and general damages including: bodily injury, medical treatment, loss of earnings and other damages and benefits you are entitled to recover.

Our experienced Long Beach lawyers and staff are available to take the load, stress and pressure of a lawsuit off your shoulders. We want to offer you the peace of mind that you are in good hands. If after meeting with us, and hearing about all the steps needed to file and handle your construction injury claim, please know that we are always here for you. We wish you and your family all the best and we hope that your medical and legal situations improve as much as they can for you.

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We feel that you need to find the best attorneys around to represent your case so that you get the maximum compensation you legally can for your injury. Our firm can properly investigate your case and ensure you are receiving proper and comprehensive medical care. The initial case consultation and case evaluation are free. We will even work on a contingency basis if you choose to go forward so you will not owe or pay our firm anything unless and until we win your case. You can rest assured that we will work hard for you because the Better Business Bureau gave us their highest award of an A+. We are ready to start your Long Beach work injury, workers’ compensation, and personal injury case so call us today at (562) 372-3960.

long beach construction work comp

Just like all employees in California, Long Beach construction workers are required to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. It may provide assistance when an employee is hurt while working and California work comp law protects the rights of the injured employee. Your employer isn’t allowed to fire or penalize employees for filing a workers’ comp claim. Frequently, employers are required to pay their hurt employees disability out of their workman comp insurance. It is important to know that workers’ compensation insurance does have limits to the amount and types of compensations including that it does not allow for damages for pain and suffering. The workers’ compensation insurance that is paid for by your employer could pay income, death benefits, medical expenses, medical benefits, disability, permanent disability compensation, and vocational rehabilitation, when the injury and/or circumstance warrants. One common example of a work compensation claim for construction workers are musculoskeletal disorders. MSD injuries build up over a period of time from the injured person’s motions, tasks or assignment on the job such as exerting too much force, twisting, bending, or working in an uncomfortable position. Be sure to call our firm to talk about your workmen comp claim and schedule the free initial consultation to discuss your job injury.

Call Us Today and We’ll Answer your Questions for Free

Our dedicated Long Beach work injury attorneys will answer all your questions including if you are wondering what the workman comp benefits would be specifically for you and your case, how State Disability Insurance (SDI) works, and how much a workers’ comp lawyer costs or how much a work injury attorney costs. Due to the fact that we work on a contingency basis, you will not have to pay anything unless and until we win your case. In that way, you can be assured that our goals will be the same: win your case and maximize your compensation.

third (3rd) parties who are also at fault

Due to the complicated nature of a construction site where many people, workers, machines and vehicles are going in all directions, many construction accidents not only qualify for workers’ compensation because you were hurt on the job but they also may qualify for a civil third party work injury claim. A third party is when one or more additional responsible parties are found to be at fault for your job injury or job accident other than just your employer.

Add a Thirty Party to get Compensation above Workers’ Compensation

You have a chance to receive compensation that is above that which is called for by the California workers’ comp laws, torts and rules by adding a third party. To be compensated the equivalent of your complete lost income and for pain and suffering, our firm would need to look into your case and the injury scenario and find a responsible 3rd party like that of a building owner, the training company, the equipment or tool manufacturer, subcontractor, the land owner, developer or the general contractor. Call one of our local Long Beach workers’ compensation accident lawyers today to go over case and your options. It is especially important to have our prudent guidance since the cases that might have a third party need to be handled correctly at all points in the process since a mistake in any of the trials or procedures could affect the other(s).

construction accidents & osha

The mission that is stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( is to keep work environments as safe, healthful, and injury-free as possible. According to OSHA’s website, “Every day in this country, more than 14 workers lose their lives in preventable workplace tragedies.” Because of that unfortunate reality, they are continually attempting to improve the rules, safety standards and workplace injury prevention programs so that less people get hurt on the job, crushed at the factory, amputated by a punch press, maimed at the construction site, hit by a falling tool, cut by a power saw or injured while on the job.

OSHA Enforces Safety Regulations

Their goal is to set standards and laws in place to avoid construction accidents and construction injuries and keep the construction job site safe. OSHA is determined to help construction employees avoid injuries by also improving training standards. OSHA states that they will keep the names of all employees or contractors who complain about unsafe working conditions, OSHA violations, unsafe work hours and potential construction accident risks anonymous, if the employee requests it. Due to the number of construction accidents that happen OSHA has a section of its standards and laws devoted to the construction industry.

common construction injuries

A construction site is full of dangers for construction workers that can cause injuries in a blink of an eye. This danger is one of the top reasons why it is so crucial that employers, OSHA, and supervisors do everything that they can to follow all of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration workplace safety codes to keep employees, contractors and workers protected from accidents and injury. The following are common ways in Long Beach that a construction worker can be injured while working: hammer injury or drill slip, being caught in, between, or under machines, equipment or objects, pit cave-in, slipping or tripping and falling, accidental electrocution, lifting injuries, faulty wiring, fire, falling off of a roof, building or piece of equipment, tunnel cave-in, falling off of a cherry picker, tilt-up injuries, being struck by a falling rail, beam, tool, wood board or piece of equipment, trench cave-in, and falling through a skylight.

Other typical job site injuries include rebar impalement injury, reinforcing bar injury, hole cave-in, gas or chemical explosions, exploding concrete lines, a tool or load not being strapped in or harnessed correctly, crush injury, pallets failing, being crushed by a truck, crane, bulldozer, grader, pile driver or trencher, a nail through a boot or shoe injury, compressed gas injury, corrosive chemical injury, derrick injury, being run over by truck, forklift, tractor, or dump truck, safety rail failures, scraps and debris falling injury, exhaustion, heat stroke, asbestos, lung injuries, and wrongful death. Due to the high frequency of injuries and how serious those job injuries can be, most construction sites will have plans for what to do in the case of an injury. This could include onsite support, emergency phones, a first aid station or a first aid kit.

Accident can cause Permanent Injuries

If you do not have your own doctor for your construction injury, we can help you find a quality and local doctor that will be able to give you comprehensive medical treatment. Many results of construction job accidents and construction site injuries can be rather traumatic. Concussions, amputation, brain injury, lacerations, blindness, contusions, back injury, coma, burns, muscle strain, broken bones, neck injury, cuts, ligament sprain, heavy bleeding, becoming deformed, being crushed, and death are all possible outcomes of construction accidents and job site injuries. Since 1979, the construction injury lawyers of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have helped construction workers with their legal injury cases for the above injuries, results and much more.

machines and tools injury causes

A construction site is filled with different types of heavy machines, dangerous tools and machine operators with a whole range of skill and training. Given that there are so many people and machines all working at the same time, it is important for all workers to avoid construction accidents and construction injuries by watching out for yourself and being aware of all others around you. Possible tool and machine injuries on the job include table saw injury, saw, drill or hammer injury injury, ladder injury, chainsaw injury, conveyor belt injury, automobile or car accidents, nail gun or power stapler injury, welding injury, lathe accident, being caught in a baling machine or punch press, motorcycle accidents, and backhoe injury. Employers, supervisors, manufacturers, builders, contractors and distributers must be aware of potential injuries.

Additional Potential Dangerous Building Gear

A few more examples of residential or industrial remodeling construction pieces of equipment for employers and employees to be sure to receive safety training on are tractor injury, sheet metal injury, power tools injury, needle scaler injury, scaffold injury, scaffolding collapse, radial arm saw injury, load shifting accident, catwalk fall, load dropping injury, angle grinder accident, concrete saw and circular saw injury, ceramic tile cutter injury, air compressor injury, floor sander injury, impact wrench accident, crane injury, disc sander accident, pneumatic torque wrench accident, jointer accident, heat gun injury, biscuit joiner and bandsaw accident, jigsaw injury, scrollsaw injury, steel off saw accident, trimmer accident, diamond blade injury, sabre saw accident, rotary tool injury, random orbital sander injury, wood router injury, alligator shear injury, elevator injury, reciprocating saw accident, jack hammer injury injury, defective machines, concrete accident, or defective products. Some of the biggest makers of construction tools are DeWalt, Husky, Old Milwaukee, Ryobi, Craftsman, Bobcat, Snap-On, Stanley, Black & Decker, Hitachi, Ridgid, Amada and Makita. As with all machines, tools and vehicles, proper maintenance and training can prevent many injuries.

Construction Vehicle Accidents

There are also many vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment that are able to quickly cause harm or on the job accidents to someone with only a quick slip or mistake. On a job site, it is possible to have a scraper accident, asphalt paver accident, highway bottom dump accident, backhoe loader and backhoe injury, excavator or bagger injury, feller buncher injury, drilling machine accident, dragline excavator injury, yarder injury, aerial work platform or lift table injury, cure rig accident, street sweeper injury, vibratory compacter injury, soil stabilizer accident, concrete batch plant injury, articulated hauler and articulated truck accident, forklift injury, dredger injury, harvester injury, dump truck injury, lowboy injury, pneumatic tire compactor accident, roller, road roller and roller compactor injury, fresno scraper accident, wheel forwarder accident, slipform paver injury, steam shovel accident, bulldozer accident, rotary tiller accident, stomper concrete drop hammer injury injury, tunnel boring machine accident, wheel tractor-scraper accident, cherry picker injury, telescopic handler accident, underground mining equipment injury, track loader, track skidder and track-type tractor injury, front shovel accident, or a venture mixer injury. Due to the complexity of these machines and how quickly work accidents can happen by using them poorly, by product or machine defect or by just being near one, it is critical to be alert on the construction site for danger and harm.

how construction injuries occur

A construction site usually consists of many people all doing separate but interconnected jobs. It can possibly be quite a chaotic scene. The trades that may be occurring all at the same time include work by carpenters, roofers, carpet layers, plasterers, project managers, pipefitters, fencers, landscapers, electricians, inspectors, heating and air conditioning technicians, tin knockers, concrete finishers, tile setters, bricklayers, laborers, plumbers, street fixers, tile layers, welders, truck drivers, architects, concrete pourers/mixers, geologists, supervisors, diggers, crane operators, janitors, painters, and heavy equipment operators.

Job Sites Are Required to be Safe by Law

Injuries happen on a construction job for many reasons including: faulty equipment or wiring, worn-out tools, misusing equipment, damaged or defective machines, lack of adequate training for construction workers, lack of adequate construction or trades workers, lack of safety gear (like steel toe boots or hard hats), lack of proper safety protections or safety inspections, defective products, substance abuse by coworkers while they are working, and sub-contractor negligence, coworker negligence, general contractor negligence, foreman negligence, and property owner negligence. Landowners should also be aware of premises liability as they could be held responsible for many injuries that happen on their land. In many cases, an injury victim will have a workers’ compensation claim to file and a third party case if the party partially or fully responsible for the injury might not be the employer.

government liability and oversight

Our federal, state and local levels of government all have rules and regulations in place to try to keep construction workers and the general public safe. These standards are continually refined and updated as new technologies and risks are discovered. This includes inspecting projects at the important and final stages, developers, issuing permits to builders, and manufacturing and continuously improving the codes for safety standards, work environment, and procedures. There are also many ways that a government can be directly at fault as well. Government oversight can create a duty and responsibility of the building, safety, permit and/or planning division of any municipalities, state and federal governments. Most cities, county or statewide agencies have a building and planning division that oversees commercial and residential construction projects. We have decades of experience with government liability cases and we can help you.

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We offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We are well known throughout Long Beach, California, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Orange County, and San Francisco as top construction accident attorneys who know how to help you. If you chose our firm, we work on a contingency basis where you won’t owe us anything unless we win your injury case. The Long Beach construction injury attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo make house calls as we come to you at your home or your hospital room if you are unable to come to our office. We are available to meet during the normal hours of Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:30pm and we will also meet you, by appointment, on Saturdays, Sundays and in the evening. Many people throughout Long Beach consider us to be the best construction accident attorneys around and we will do our best to maintain that excellent reputation as construction lawyers.

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